What happened when 50,000 people attended the AR Rahman concert, but only 25,000 were permitted.

The musician called attention to Chennai's need for world-class infrastructure after his show on Sunday descended into mayhem.

1. On September 10 at Adtyaram Palace City in Chennai, Rahman performed Marakumma Nenjam.

2. There was a traffic jam close to the venue, but that was just the start of the harassment that many attendees claimed they experienced on Sunday.

3. According to a complaint, VIP tickets were sold for 50,000 but the audience members discovered there was no VIP zone at the location.

4. A lot of ladies complained about being grabbed in the throng on social media. According to the police, no complaints have been made about this.

5. According to AR Rahman, the facility had 46,000 chairs. The opposite was true in certain places, where everyone remained seated on one side. The venue was shut down by the on-duty police officers who believed it to be full.