Virendra Sehwag Reviews Abhishek and Saiyami's Ghoomer:

'I never gave respect to spinner or listened to coach but…'

Sehwag also mentioned how he never respected spinners nor listened to his coaches but he was forced to listen to Abhishek and respect Saiyami's performance.  

Amitabh wrote, “Sehwag ji .. itne sadharan shabdo mein bahut badi baat kah di. Mera aabhar aur sneh (You have said such a big thing in such simple words. My gratitude and love).” 

Sehawag Said:I watched Ghoomer yesterday. I loved it and enjoyed watching a cricket film after so long. It not just has cricket but emotions too. You will know the struggle of a sportsperson especially how coming back after an injury is struggle of another level