What Time is the Super Blue Moon of 2023?

To see this supermoon, skywatchers are going to want to get their timing just right on Aug. 30

The Full Sturgeon Moon peeks through clouds above Tegatta, West Bengal, India on Aug. 1, 2023

The Next full moon will rise on Wednesday, Aug.30, and it will be one of the brightest and largest moons of 2023

The term "Blue Moon" has nothing to do with color, but since the 1940s has commonly referred to the second of two full moons that fall in a calendar month;

thus, Wednesday's full moon is defined as a Blue Moon because it is the second full Moon of August.

Just like August's first full Moon, the Sturgeon Moon on Aug.1, the Blue Moon will also be a supermoon,

Meaning it will occur during a period when the moon is closer to the Earth,

the Super Blue Moon will rise just after sunset at 7:10 PM EDT (2310 GMT) on Wednesday from the eastern horizon.

According to https://owntheory.com/  

The exact moment of full moon is defined as the point at which it is 180 degrees from the sun, completely opposite our star in the sky over Earth.