Fort McHenry is a historic star-shaped fort located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. 

It is perhaps best known for its role during the War of 1812, particularly the Battle of Baltimore in September 1814.  

This battle is famous for inspiring Francis Scott Key to write the poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry," which later became the lyrics for the United States' national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." 

Fort McHenry is a national monument and historic shrine. It's managed by the National Park Service and is open to the public. 

Visitors can explore the fort's exhibits, watch historical reenactments, and learn about its significance during the War of 1812.  

The fort offers a glimpse into American history and the events that shaped the nation's identity. 

During the Battle of Baltimore, British forces attempted to capture the fort and gain control of the city. 

The American defenders, under the leadership of Major George Armistead, successfully held off the British naval bombardment. 

The large American flag, known as the "Star-Spangled Banner," was flown over the fort throughout the battle. This flag's endurance and the American victory in defending the fort became a symbol of national pride and resilience. 

If you're ever in the Baltimore area and interested in history, Fort McHenry is definitely worth a visit!