Top Cast: 1.Alok Nath Pathak 2.Priya Gamre 3. Vedish Jhaveri 4. Suman 5. Akbar Khan 6. Sultan Warsi 7. Ashish Bhargav 8. Sonia Keswani

Story Line: Pandey aka J.P. is practicing lawer in sessions court and supreme court of India. 

Story Line: JP is very honest whose only aim is to speak for the justice. But JP knows most of his colleagues are not as honest as him.

Story Line: JP also knows that most of his colleagues notoriously stretch and run court cases without results for years and

Story Line: decades by exploiting the loopholes in the system to make good money thus compromising the interest of the clients.

Genre: Drama Parents Guide: Add content advisory Time Duration: 3h34m.